Bye Bye Baby Fat!

After having my Sweet Baby I lost a lot of my baby weight by my 6 week appointment. I was so excited and proud of myself. But I continued to eat for two, since I was nursing. I ate whatever I want thinking, I’m nursing its ok. Ignoring the fact that my clothes were getting tighter again. Finally I went to the doctors and was weighed. I had gained all my pregnancy weight back. I weighed just shy of 5 pounds-what I did 9 months pregnant! I fought from bursting into tears right in the waiting room. I saw the weight when I looked at pictures of myself with my Sweet Baby. I started getting depressed and continued to eat. I had no motivated to eat right or work out. My in-laws joined weight watchers and mentioned they have a program for nursing mothers. Then for my birthday in May, they gave me money to pay for the first 3 months of weight watchers. The first of June I joined weight watchers, Nursing Moms Weight loss. Within a week I had lost 5 pounds. I love weight watchers, it has helped me make the right food decisions. It helped me think about my portion sizes. My husband can eat as much as he wants and he never gains weight. So when we got married when he’d go back for seconds, so would I. No wonder I gained weight! It also makes me think before eating something unhealthy, “Is this worth my points?” A month and a half after joining I’ve lost 18 pounds! I haven’t weighed myself for over a month (I have history with becoming obsessive about weighing myself) so we don’t own a scale. But I’ve been going off how my clothes are fitting and the compliments. A few people have asked me if it has affected my milk supply. My milk supply has dropped but I’m pretty sure it has more to do with me nursing him less. The drop in milk hasn’t affected Sweet Baby. I have tried several weight watchers recipes and they really good. I love using the weight watchers mobile app, I can track my food right there. There is also a weight watchers scanner app where I can scan bar codes and get the WW points! I love it for when I’m grocery shopping. They also have a recipe builder on their website so I can put my favorite recipes to see what the points value is. They base the points off: fat, carbs, fiber and protein. Most all fruits and veggies are zero points, which helps me munch on those instead of the can of Pringle’s that are staring at me as I type. (Yes I gave in at the store and purchased them). What I love is I’ve been able to take it day by day. I have bad days and rather often. I can’t control myself from eating crap I shouldn’t. I still track my points no matter how embarrassing it is, and tomorrow its a brand new day. I forget about yesterday and just start over. The only thing I still need to do is start working out. But with Sweet Baby I’m a little busy. And when I have free time the last thing I wanna do is work out! I hope to weigh myself soon-so come along with me on my journey to lose twenty more pounds. If you are where I was, I suggest joining Weight Watchers. Believes, because it works!