Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mamas from us at Sweet Life. I pray today you find peace, love, joy & comfort.



Healing for Moms this Mother’s Day


Do you know the origin of Mothers Day? Anna Jarvis officially founded Mothers Day to honor her mom Ann, who experienced the death of 7 of her children. Now it’s totally commercialized and bereaved mothers are left alone to struggle through the day. Do you know someone who has struggled with infertility? Or maybe you know someone who has had one or multiple miscarriages. How are you reaching out to those mothers this Mothers Day? Perhaps send them a card or pick them out a gift. This list of ten gifts for bereaved moms is a great place to start.

So even though International Bereaved Mother’s Day has come and past (it was May 4th), use this Mothers Day to reach out. Bring Mother’s Day back to its roots. Let’s celebrate all moms on one day. Check out the movement here.

Happy Mother’s Day, may God bless you and your family. May He heal you in the only way He can. Xoxo

Happy Mothers Day!


Mothers Day has come again this year. We are reminded to be thankful to our moms for everything they have done for us. Since becoming a mother it has made me so grateful for my amazing mom. My mom had me at a young age and dealt with the challenges that brought. My mother is strong. She has been through a lot and still has such a heart for God. I couldn’t imagine my life without her. We are close and we look so much a like people have thought we were twins or sisters. In fact today I was stopped at Kohls by a friend of my moms. She knew I was her daughter because we look so much a like- that happens a lot. Anyways I am so thankful for my mom and despite the struggles we had when I was a hard headed teenager- we still are close. I really couldn’t imagine my life without her. The only thing better than having her for a mom is my Sweet Baby has her for a grandma! Thank you mom. I love you. xoxo Happy Mother’s Day to my mother in law. She has done a great job raising my amazing husband. She is such a tender hearted women with a heart after God. And happy Mother’s Day to me! I love being a mom. It’s what I’ve always wanted to be growing up. It is the most challenging thing I’ve ever done! But God is working through me to make me a better mom for Sweet Baby. And happy Mother’s Day to all my amazing friends who are mommys and who have been there for me. I love you ladies & couldn’t imagine my life without your friendship & support!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there. Sit back and enjoy your day! Even if that means locking yourself in the bathroom with a book and a glass of wine to get your five minutes alone to yourself.