To Eat Breakfast or Not To Eat Breakfast

My brother is getting married the end of August. I got the honor of being a bridesmaid. I ordered a size 8 dress. By the measurements I’m  in between a size 8 – 10. So I ordered a 8, because I have about ten more pounds I wanna lose to be at my goal weight. So I’ve been strict with my points. I’ve never been a breakfast person. And sometimes I’m not even hungry come morning time. So do I eat breakfast even when I’m not hungry? Eating breakfast gets your metabolism going in the morning after not eating all night. So I went to Eating Well with my question. They brought very good points to my attention, so here are the benefits of eating breakfast.breakfast_as05_0

Benefit 1: Get & Stay lean. Eating in the morning is a healthy habit to create. Those who eat breakfast tend to be leaner and dieters are more successful at losing weight and keeping it off when they eat breakfast.

Benefit 2: Nutrients. People who eat breakfast tend to get more fiber, calcium, vitamins A & C, riboflavin, zinc & iron and less fat and dietary cholesterol. That is probably because they eat cereal that is naturally flavored with vitamins and minerals.

Benefit 3: Heart Health. Breakfast is good for your heart. A study found that people who skipped breakfast throughout childhood and as adults had higher “bad” LDL and total cholesterol than lifelong breakfast eaters. They also carried more weight in their midsection.   What every mama hates about their bodies-their midsection. Eating breakfast has also been shown to improve concentration and mood. As moms who doesn’t need a little positive boost with mood.

Bottom line don’t worry about eating something right when you get up. Just make sure that when you do it will sustain you for a few hours. The best things to eat are full of fiber and protein. When I’m not in the mood to eat I love those luna bars. I love the lemon flavor and they are full of protein and fiber. Sometimes I’ll eat half in the morning then safe the other half for a few hours later. Those bars are 5 weight watchers points plus. So allow yourself the time to eat a little something this morning.

Check out Should I Eat Breakfast When I’m Not Hungry for full details.