Healthy Cleaning Recipes

Lately it seems everyone is more aware of what harmful toxins are in our cleaning products. Here is a list of healthy cleaning recipes. Natural-Cleaning-Products

Floor Cleaner :   1/4 Cup Vinegar  /   2 Cups Hot Water   /  10 Drops Lemon Oil  /    5 Drops Oregano Oil

Window Cleaner: 1 Lemon / 2 Cups of Club Soda or Water / Juice the lemon and mix with club soda or water Tip: Use a newspaper instead of a cloth to cut grime and prevent streaks

Air Freshener Spray: you can experiment with your favorite oils to get the desired scent 1 Spray Bottle / 2 1/2 Cups Water / 10 Drops of lavender Oil / 5 Drops of Bergamot Oil / 10 Drops of Lemon Oil 5 Drops of Cinnamon Oil / Store in Spray Bottle and Shake Well – Test Before Spraying on Fabric

All Purpose Cleaner: 1/4 cup Vinegar / 2 cups Hot Water / 5 Drops of Lavender / 5 Drops of Lemon Oil / 10 Drops Tea Tree Oil

Bathroom Cleaner: 1/4 Cup of Vinegar / 2 1/2 Cups of Water / 10 Drops of Tea Tree Oil / 10 Drops of Oregano Oil / 10 Drops of Orange Oil

Sink Scrub: 1/2 Cup of Coarse Kosher Salt / Use on surfaces that can tolerate abrasive scrubbing. Sprinkle on Coarse Kosher Salt and use cloth to remove grime and build up . Great for stainless steel sinks, make sure the surface can take abrasive scrubbing before using.

Wood Polish: 1/4 Olive Oil / 5-10 Drops of Lemon Oil / Use a soft cloth with a small amount of mixture and gently polish.

Dresser/Closet Scented Sachet: Cheese Cloth / String or Ribbon / Dried Herbs (Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary) / 5 Drops of your Favorite Oil / Cut herbs into 2.5 in pieces and add drops to the herbs. Place mixture in the middle of 12 in double lined cheese cloth. Gather ends of cloth and tie with string or ribbon. Place in drawers or closet space.