Breastfeeding Month!

I can’t believe I almost forgot! Today is the start of breastfeeding month! Even though my son is weaned I wanted to somehow support other moms. I’m also remembering the times I did. How I loved his milk drunk face. I loved how he’d snuggle up to my breast, completely content.  At the time I wasn’t exactly comfortable with pictures so I only have a few pictures of me nursing. I’m really sad about that, I wish I would’ve taken more. It’s nothing be ashamed of.  If you’re not breastfeeding you can support other moms too. I was at church this past Sunday, I was volunteering in nursery.  So was another mama, she also had her daughter in there. Her daughter started fussing, she picked her up and discreetly started nursing her daughter (no cover but I couldn’t see anything! she’s a mother of 5-so she’s got it figured out)  I had to say something, my heart started racing-feeling stupid. I had sworn I would next time I saw a nursing mom. I smiled and thanked her for nursing and normalizing breastfeeding. She smiled and we started talking about how amazing it is. I think I’ve made a new friend. 🙂 So I’d like to encourage you to do the same next time another mom is nursing. For those breastfeeding mama’s thank you for normalizing breastfeeding as well!!

~Our Sweet Life~



Breastfeeding Duties for Dads

Breastfeeding can be really lonely. Especially those late nights when its just you two. My hubby was amazing and during those first weeks or maybe months he stayed awake with me. Helped me emotionally when I’d felt exhausted and couldn’t do it anymore. He helped me when I was in such an exhausted state, “how do I want him to latch?” My hubby was so supportive of me while I nursed Sweet Baby. I remember a few times just crying go get a bottle & feed him ‘I’m done!’  (we had those sample formulas in our pantry) I’m so thankful he never gave in, he just would take screaming Sweet Baby from while I cried for a few minutes. Then as soon as I regrouped he would bring me Sweet Baby and tell me how amazing I am and I can do this. I’m so thankful to my husband for it. He fought with the crazy person I was and sometimes the mean things I said in anger and frustration (why couldn’t he lactate? I wondered sometimes). To successfully breastfeed, you need a support system. That is what our husbands are their for. So dads when she wants to give up – don’t let her. She can do it! Here are 10 duties for dads to help with breastfeeding.


Top Ten Breastfeeding Duties for Dad


Three Life Lessons for Breastfeeding Moms

I haven’t been trying any new recipes lately, I’ve been looking at inspirational thing for moms. I found a great one on Three Life Lessons for Breastfeeding Moms from Breastfeeding Chicago. I’m learning great things to keep in mind for next time around.

1.     Honor yourself as you honor others.

2.    All big things can (and should) be broken down into small steps.

3.    Be mindful:  be here now.


For full details check it out at Three Life Lessons for Breastfeeding Moms. 

Healthy Recipes for Nursing Moms

I gained the most weight was when I was nursing. Being told to eat 300 extra calories I just went to town eating everything I could get my hands (err mouth) on. But I should’ve focused on healthy food in the form of balanced meals and some light snacks throughout the day. Here are healthy recipes from FitPregnancy to make sure you and your baby are getting exactly what you need. Photo courtesy of


I loved having skin-to-skin with Sweet Baby. When he was a newborn at the hospital and when we didn’t have vistors it was how Sweet Baby & I napped. It’s such a beautiful way to connect with your newborn. My husband even did it a few times with Sweet Baby. I could see my husband melt. Its so important for babies to have this contact. It helps with your body produce your milk. So enjoy your baby this way!

Nursing in a Baby Carrier

Sweet Baby spent a lot of time in my moby wrap. I loved having him so close to me and he loved sleeping in it. I never breastfeed in it and I wish I would’ve known how to do it before. Maybe when baby #2 comes around. For those of you who would like to know how to nurse in a baby carrier check out Boba for the details!


A Mothers Touching Decision

When we read the heart wrenching stories of mothers loosing their babies, no matter what age, it breaks our hearts. So when I read this story my heart went out to this mother who lost her baby girl. After her daughter’s passing she decided to continue pumping so she could donate her milk to help other babies. Beautiful. I only wish if in the situation, I would have the same courage and strength as this mom. I think its a beautiful way to heal from such a tragic loss. My heart and prayers go out to this family. May her milk help so many babies, and I hope that some of us could help donate milk as well. Now reading this story I wish I would’ve continued pumping so I could donate my milk. Click here for full story: A Mothers Touching Decisionflowers30

Certified Lactation Counselor

I loved nursing so much! I think I’ve mentioned that several times already.:-D I’ve looked into becoming a certified lactation counselor. Its a course I’ll be taking over a weeks time and then a two hour final exam. But I


probably won’t be taking the class until the end of September which may be fine since I need to save up the money. So I want to educate myself on nursing now. I found an article about clogged ducts, how to get rid of them and when to call a doctor. Check out for the full article.