Moby Wrap with Newborn Twins

My friend just recently had her precious twins, a boy and a girl. They are so tiny and just beyond adorable! She asked to borrow my moby wrap because the little boy loves to be held. I loved the moby wrap with Sweet Baby and used it well beyond the time they suggest. (Ops) I looked into the options of how to wrap newborn twins. I thought I’d share. There are a few different options and do whichever one you feel more comfortable. Maybe practice a few times with baby dolls before putting your precious one in. But you’ll love them so close ¬†and they will love it too- they will feel like they are back in the womb. And you’ll have two hands to do things!! I don’t own any of these videos I found them off YouTube. Enjoy!

Newborn Twin Double Horizontal Wrap:

Newborn Twin Single Horizontal Wrap:

Moby Wrap Instructions: