Healthy Cleaning Recipes

Lately it seems everyone is more aware of what harmful toxins are in our cleaning products. Here is a list of healthy cleaning recipes. Natural-Cleaning-Products

Floor Cleaner :   1/4 Cup Vinegar  /   2 Cups Hot Water   /  10 Drops Lemon Oil  /    5 Drops Oregano Oil

Window Cleaner: 1 Lemon / 2 Cups of Club Soda or Water / Juice the lemon and mix with club soda or water Tip: Use a newspaper instead of a cloth to cut grime and prevent streaks

Air Freshener Spray: you can experiment with your favorite oils to get the desired scent 1 Spray Bottle / 2 1/2 Cups Water / 10 Drops of lavender Oil / 5 Drops of Bergamot Oil / 10 Drops of Lemon Oil 5 Drops of Cinnamon Oil / Store in Spray Bottle and Shake Well – Test Before Spraying on Fabric

All Purpose Cleaner: 1/4 cup Vinegar / 2 cups Hot Water / 5 Drops of Lavender / 5 Drops of Lemon Oil / 10 Drops Tea Tree Oil

Bathroom Cleaner: 1/4 Cup of Vinegar / 2 1/2 Cups of Water / 10 Drops of Tea Tree Oil / 10 Drops of Oregano Oil / 10 Drops of Orange Oil

Sink Scrub: 1/2 Cup of Coarse Kosher Salt / Use on surfaces that can tolerate abrasive scrubbing. Sprinkle on Coarse Kosher Salt and use cloth to remove grime and build up . Great for stainless steel sinks, make sure the surface can take abrasive scrubbing before using.

Wood Polish: 1/4 Olive Oil / 5-10 Drops of Lemon Oil / Use a soft cloth with a small amount of mixture and gently polish.

Dresser/Closet Scented Sachet: Cheese Cloth / String or Ribbon / Dried Herbs (Lavender, Geranium, Rosemary) / 5 Drops of your Favorite Oil / Cut herbs into 2.5 in pieces and add drops to the herbs. Place mixture in the middle of 12 in double lined cheese cloth. Gather ends of cloth and tie with string or ribbon. Place in drawers or closet space.


So silky soft – it should be illegal

My friend told me about this sugar scrub she made and how smooth it made her legs. She told me I should do it for the hubby for Valentines Day. I figured I’d give it a try. After soaking in a nice hot bath, I used this scrub and my legs were irresistibly smooth! It should be illegal how smooth they are. It felt wrong to have such soft legs in the winter time. My hubby loved it! Now I pass it onto you, use it wisely.

From Gluten Free Navy WifeScrub.


-2 1/2 Cups of Sugar (Yes, just normal sugar)
-1 Cup of oil (I used Olive Oil and of course, I smell a little like Olive Oil. You can also use Canola, Vegetable, Avocado, Coconut or any fragrance body oil you have).
-5 Tablespoons of a citrus juice. Preferably fresh squeezed. (I used Key Lime)

Bath Time:
-Draw you a warm/hot bath.
-Soak for about five minutes.
-Shave one leg.
-Take a palm full of your homemade sugar scrub and scrub that leg and then rinse off.
-Shave your leg again. Yes, again.
-Take a palm full of sugar scrub and scrub your leg again.
-Repeat on your other leg.
-After your bath, dry off and then lotion your legs.

When you shave your leg the first time, obviously, it’s going to remove the hair. When you scrub after you shave, it removes any dead skin. By shaving your leg again after you use the sugar scrub, you are getting all of that dead skin off of your leg. You will need to rinse your razor frequently (you will see why).

A Tip from my Kitchen

Sweet Baby loves avocados! But I feel like it’s always a race with time when purchasing them. Either you get a batch that is way too hard or they are over ripe. So I buy the hard ones and they all ripen at the same time. I want to give Sweet Baby variety so giving him avocados for lunch and dinner for  days in an attempt to


not waste them; isn’t the best idea. Then I found out I can freeze avocados. This was exciting news to find out because I had four avocados needing to be eaten right away. Just slice the avocado in half and remove the pit. Then wrap the halfs in plastic wrap and put them all in a labeled freezer bag. Saves you money! Although I was surprised with how long they can take to defrost.


Clearing a Clogged Drain

Since having Sweet Baby I’m stilling losing all my beautiful pregnancy hair. Causing our drains in our bathroom to clog. Attempting to be earth friendly, I decided to find other ways to unclog our drain. On Pinterest I found using Hydrogen Peroxide and baking soda. According to the article put a cup of baking soda down the drain. Wait about five minutes. Then pour a cup of hydrogen peroxide down the drain. Wait a hour or two (depending on how bad the clog is) then pour hot water (I heated the water using my tea kettle) down the drain. Sadly it didn’t unclog my drains and I had to buy something at the store to unclog the drains.


My grade: Flop



New from the Used

It has been a Pinterest weekend. I’ve tried several things and I’ll let you know if it was a success or a major flop! I’ve pinned this one months ago and finally decided to use it. I always buy Wal*Mart candles because not only are they cheap but I feel I can smell them the most while they burn. I had finished a candle and instead of tossing the jar I decided to reuse it. It was simple. I just boiled some water in my tea kettle then poured it into the jar. Right away it started to work and was like a lava lamp. Bubbles of wax started to float to the top. At first it looked like it was going to take several times, didn’t think the water would stay warm enough to melt all of it. But it did. A couple of hours later all the wax had risen to the top, it wasn’t hardened yet so I was able to bend it out. Tada! A brand new jar. I just waited until all the wax was melted and dumped the water. because I was nervous about putting wax down my drain I dumped it outside in our rocks. Then I put the jar the dishwasher and it was better than new. I am using my new jar to hold our cotton balls and Q-tips. It looks great and expensive. But the little secret is the candle was only $5! Enjoy!!


My grade: Pinterest success!



Great Christmas Ideas!

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I can’t stop thinking about Christmas. I feel like I didn’t get a Christmas last year; with Sweet Baby being not even 2 weeks old. Last Christmas was a blur of nursing every three (sometimes two) hours, getting no sleep, being in that newborn daze and being emotional and physically drained. So I’m beyond excited for Christmas this year. But I’m also so excited for the Christmases to come as Sweet Baby gets older. As I was browsing through Pinterest (You’ve probably figured out by now, I do that a lot) I found a great way to do photos on canvases without spending an arm an a leg! I’ve been trying to figure out how to decorate our living room wall. Its one huge, long wall and with my three frames (that look tiny on this wall) it looks stupid. I’ve looked at all the retail shops but anything with frames is expensive. So I was excited when I saw this. I could do it to decorate my wall and as Christmas gifts to the grandparents with pictures of Sweet Baby. She mentioned she got the canvases on a great deal for black friday. Hey, thats next week! I’ll be keeping my eyes out for coupons and great deals! Below are the materials but check out Literally Inspired for the amazingly easy steps on how to make these wonderful photo canvases.
painting canvases
MOD podge
exacto knife
acrylic paint
(in the tutorial they used scrapbook paper to cover their edges. i felt painting was easier and it gave a nice finish)
Photo from Literally Inspired

Uses for a Garlic Press

My husband was very proud of himself for discovering another use for the garlic press. We were making Sweet Baby breakfast-instant oatmeal his new favorite. I had purchased apples at the store and we wanted to use them before they went bad. Not to mention an apple a day keeps the doctor away. After googling how to make apples into baby food I discovered you have to cook the apples. Now Sweet Baby has no patience when its time to eat. You better have it ready quick or you’ll hear squawking and he’ll start arching his back. I always wonder if he thinks we ever won’t feed him. I told the hubby, “We don’t have time to cook these, He is hungry now.” We thought about chopping them up in tiny pieces but with the loud squawking of Sweet Baby my husband came up with another idea. He peeled the apple cut into cube sizes and pushed them through the garlic press. He smiled, “Put that on Pinterest (I’m always bragging about what I find on Pinterest).” It was perfect because it made the apple into really small pieces and not to mention I got some apple juice out of it! I’ve used the garlic press three other times for the apple. It was nice adding another flavor to Sweet Baby’s oatmeal and he enjoyed it. I even put a hint of cinnamon in it as well. Yum delish! 
xo xo

Tiny Bow ties for Baby Showers

With Sweet Baby’s glasses it looks like he should be wearing either ties or sweater vests 24/7! So when I came across this on pinterest I was so excited. I wish the step process didn’t look so daunting because these onesies look so cute!! I have several friends who are pros with the sowing machine, maybe I can talk them into helping me. Check out One Young Love on how to make these adorable onesies.

DIY Breast Pads

Now that I am only nursing my son 4 times a day, I don’t leak like I used to. I would leak through all types of cotton pads. I didn’t want to use disposable pads because I had read about chances of possible infection. I gladly found Bamboobies. But if you would like to make your own breast pads here’s how. I found this off of Leaky Boobs website. Check their site out, they have lots of great stuff!!

Each pad is made out of 3 pieces of 4×4 flannel. If you find you need more absorbency you can add one or two more layers. I have always found that 3 layers keeps the pad thin enough that it can’t be seen through your shirt. You can also use one layer of broad cloth as the outside layer and this helps prevent leak through. The best thing is that you can use leftover scraps of material. I usually use leftovers from blankets or diapers I have made. Make sure you pre-wash the material so it doesn’t bunch up in the wash later.

Draw a circle 3 1/2 inches in diameter either on your cloth or on a piece of paper you can cut out and use as a pattern. I use a protractor, but you could trace around a cup or glass easily enough.

Stack your material and pin together . Cut around the circle and straight line stitch them together as close to the edge as you can. If you have serer you could go over the outside edge as well. I only have an old 2 stitch machine so I do a zigzag stitch around the outside edge. This will fray a bit when you wash it, but I find it just makes the pad softer.

This is so easy and quick

I found this off The Leaky Boob and in no way am I claiming ownership to this or the pictures.