I’m No June Cleaver!

How many times has four o’clock come and your still in your pj’s or sweats completely covered in baby/toddler mess? Do you feel guilty about having your hubby walking through that door and see you. You know he’s wondering, did she even shower? I say that’s between me and the shower but it doesn’t hurt as a stay at home mom to look somewhat put together. I know I’m always in a better mood when I look presentable – not like  I just rolled around in a pile of crushed/soggy graham crackers! I’m very guilty of wearing sweats all day. I mean I don’t want to wear something that’s nice because it’s just going to get messy. Review the rolling around in a pile of crushed/soggy graham crackers remark. I wake up and change from my pjs into my yoga pants and enjoy those days when I don’t need a ‘real’ bra. I hate wasting make up (or I’m just to lazy to want to take it off that night) on a day just a home. But then I realize I’m not trying for my husband. There’s no way I’ll look like June Cleaver by the end of the day but at least I’ll look like a better version of myself. 🙂  I found The Busy Mom’s 5 simple ways to pull yourself together. Check her page out for some really great stuff! Photo and tips all courtesy of The Busy Mom.



1. Swap the sweats for some leggings!  If you’re really feeling dangerous go with a bold color or maybe even a print.  They are just as comfy but a whole lot less frumpy and some even have the amazing capability to suck you in in ways you never thought would be possible again post-baby!  Just try them, and when you find a collection of them mounting in your closet, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

2. Show some love for layering! It’s like that little bit of extra effort to add more texture and color to my ensemble puts me in a whole different league.

3. Move over college sweatshirt, long tops are in the house!  If you are going to opt for leggings than some long shirts need to be an essential element of your wardrobe!  Whether you pair something short with a long tank top (as I mentioned above) or you get some shirts that are delightfully long all by themselves, they are the piece that will make your newfound love of leggings feel completely natural and comfortable.  Basically, if I’m shooting straight, leggings + a covered bum = splendor!

4. Trade the messy bun for a top knot!  Aren’t we just in luck that the top knot is in style right now?!  It is the quintessential, “I have not showered in two days so I piled all my greasy hair on the very top of my head” do, without looking like it!  Take advantage of this trend while we can ladies!

5. A little dab will do ya!  That’s right, I’m talking about make up! I’m not going to suggest that you put on a full face everyday, I’m just going to encourage three simple things-

  • a little blush dusted on cheeks and eyelids
  • lipstain (it can’t be rubbed off on your littles with precious kisses and it lasts all day!)
  • and  mascara

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