Pray for tragedy in Romania

I go to church at my local Calvary Chapel. This came in my email today and I believe it is important we pray for Lidia and this church family. My heart just breaks but I find peace knowing they are with our Heavenly Father. Thank you!

~Our Sweet Life~


Please stand with me in prayer for Lidia Blaga, and the church body at Calvary Chapel Bistrita in Romania, a church that we started shortly after the Berlin Wall fell.  Lidia’s husband, Assistant Pastor Adi Blaga and Timotei, their nine-year-old son, were kidnapped and murdered on August 5.  Brian Fouts, Pastor of Calvary Chapel Bistrita, is working tirelessly with the police to provide them with all of the information to do a complete investigation into who may have done this and why.  No conclusions have come to light yet.

The church family, community, and their friends and loved ones in Bistrita are in deep shock and mourning.  Pastor Brian said that Adi was, “One of the most Godly men I have ever had the honor to serve with.”  And for me personally, Adi was one of the most sincere servants of Christ I have known in my entire life.  The loss of such a man and his beautiful son has ripped our hearts in two.  We can be comforted knowing that Adi and Timotei ran their race, lived and walked with God, and have now heard those beautiful words, “Well done my good and faithful servants; enter into your rest.”  But there are many hurting souls left behind.  We would also appreciate prayers for Adi’s mother who lost a daughter to a tragic accident as well.

Pastor Brian has great expectation on how the Lord will use this for His glory, and to fulfill His promise, especially in this community. This was the largest attended funeral ever held in this city.  As fellow Calvary Chapels, I would like to see us collectively do our best for Lidia, Adi’s wife, to make sure that she receives both the emotional and financial support that she needs right now.  Please consider doing something for Lidia.  Consider having your church family pray for her, write short letters of encouragement, or do something financially to help her face her future alone.  If you would like to help financially, you can do so online at, or contact our office administrator, Jessica Durham at 208-321-7440 or via email for more details.

I hope this a reminder for all of us of the vulnerability that our missionaries are facing throughout the world.  Some are currently in prison, like Saeed Abedini in Iran; churches in India are being attacked, and many who are serving in Mexico live in constant threat of violence from the drug cartels.

We, along with many others around the world, thank you for your prayers that enrich the Spiritual support that we have found over the years as part of the Calvary Chapel family.

In His Grace,

Pastor Bob Caldwell

Calvary Chapel Boise

James 5:16

The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.


4 thoughts on “Pray for tragedy in Romania

  1. I attend Calvary Chapel Mansfield and heard of this dreadful tragedy while at Creationfest in Cornwall. Please give our love and prayers to Lidia and know that we are praying for her and the Romanian Calvery chapel church. One day we will find out why these terrible things happen until then I pray you seek comfort that pastor Adi and Timotei are with the Lord and that one day you will see them again. LIz and Rich Newby

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