It took my breath away

Today a thunderstorm is passing through & sadly has woken Sweet Baby from his nap. The thunder is so close it was shaking our apartment which is on the 3rd floor! He was pretty upset to be awake and once I was able to soothe him we started rocking. Like we used to. He’s getting so big it reminds me how his little feet would make it to my belly button as he laid on my chest. Today his legs are stretched far beyond that & dangling between my legs. I love the feel of the rise n fall of his chest.
This quite moment gives me a chance to write about his physical therapy last night. He did so good. There’s been times, in fear & doubt I’ve wondered if our precious boy would walk on his own. Last nights session gave me hope! His therapist got him walking with less support from us. Usually we have to hold his hips and help with his legs. But last night we held onto his shoulders. He was taking steps all on his own. Words cannot describe the feeling then & what I am feeling now as I remember. It gave me hope that he will walk. I pictured him walking through our home. Then I pictured him running through our home. It was beautiful & it took my breath away.
~Our Sweet Life~



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