Still in the Same Place

I heard back from the doctor about Sweet Baby. Dr. Z, like us, is extremely concerned about his vision. She said he functions like a low vision baby almost blind baby. When she said this, I wanted to shout, see! I’m not crazy. The doctors kept blowing off my concerns about his vision. Dr. Z wants us to make an appointment with his eye doctor. Maybe now with Dr. Z’s concerns she will look for something else, or she may want to do surgery sooner. Before this evaluation, we had tried to get Sweet Baby into a vision program. But he was declined because it could be corrected with surgery. But now Dr. Z wants to try again, she’s going to write a letter. So my fingers are crossed that we will get into that program. I have heard amazing things about it. 734164_10152819027695004_307623421_n

He is significantly delayed. Developmentally he is where a four month old is some areas. In other areas he is where an eight month old is. As far as the reason’s for his delays, they are still not sure. So essentially we are still in the same place. I think one concern of hers is Fragile X Syndrome, so I think we will be going to see a Geneticists. They also are concerned, that even though he’s ears have passed tests, they are concerned he doesn’t always turn when called. So they might check his brainstem to check his cochlear, as well if his delays are cognitive. They have blood work they want to check and a urine test. They might do an MRI now as well. Waiting is the hardest part. He goes to his eye doctor in a couple of weeks. So we don’t know anything new, but I’m just ready to be out of this phase. So I’m just going to focus on enjoying our Sweet Baby. He is a happy boy, he loves to be tickled, sung to and snuggles.

When the doctor was done, she asked if I had any questions. As tears welled up, my throat tightened up, “did they have anything good to say about him?” Then all the tears that had been pent up during the 30 minute conversation streamed down my face. She said it’s encouraging he is starting to enjoy peek-a-boo.

My husband and I have peace no matter what. If they diagnose him with something or not. We know God has a plan for Sweet Baby and He loves him more than my husband and I ever could. That’s a crazy thought.

~Our Sweet Life~


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