Yesterday Sweet Baby’s evaluation went much better than I expected. Which is a breath of fresh air! We meet up with developmental specialist first. Then we were moved to meet with the physical, occupational, psych & speech therapists. We also meet with a nutritionist. It was split up into groups so it didn’t feel overwhelming. After we left they all meet up and discuss their ‘findings.’ But we won’t hear from them for probably a week. Thats the lame part. Anyone who knows me, knows I don’t like waiting. The doctor said she’d contact us next week and we will discuss where to go from there. I’m curious what they find. I’m particularly happy that they noticed how much his vision effects the way he interacts with his world. Of course yesterday morning he wakes up at 5:30 am and wouldn’t fall asleep on the drive there, and when he is tired he has a harder time getting his eyes to focus. These therapists saw it and kept commenting on it. His pediatrician and eye doctor do not think his eyes have much to do with his delays, as his eye doctor has rudely sweetly pointed out, “Blind children meet their milestones.” At this point, the Hubby and I think Sweet  Baby is just taking his time. We both feel that he will get there but in his timing (more like in God’s timing). As his speech therapist pointed out, “Sometimes kids have delays and there is just no reason.”  I just know one day we will wake up and he’ll be doing things and there will be no stopping him. Professor Chaos! I never thought I’d be excited for him to create chaos in our home. I can’t wait  for the day when I come into the kitchen and all the cabinets are emptied out onto the floor. I can’t wait for him to explore his world and get into things he shouldn’t. But in the meantime I will enjoy my false sense of reality that I can keep a clean home-for now!

~Our Sweet Life~


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