Early childhood development evaluation


It’s been a whole month since I’ve written. I won’t bore you the details-but life has just been busy!

Today Sweet Baby has to go to another early childhood development evaluation. It was recommended by his pediatrician, who seems unhappy with where Sweet Baby is at. His improvements are small to others, but to us they mean the world. He’s starting to use his hands to feed himself. You have no idea-every time I see it I still want to cry (tears of joy).
So I guess we’re gonna be a room full of therapists to determine if his delays are cognitive. A part of me wants to do this. If there is something we need to find out/can do to help him, I want to know. But another part of me wants to run away & hide in a corner. I’m sick of ppl telling me something is wrong with my baby boy. Its the hardest thing to hear as a mother. Especially since i cant do a thing about it. He’s a happy boy. And at times it’s hard & overwhelming but I really wouldn’t change him. This experience is teaching me how to be a more compassionate, stronger person. So I, in return can teach him. But most importantly, this experience is teaching me to lean on God.
Having no one to lean on but God changes a person. It sure is changing me.


3 thoughts on “Early childhood development evaluation

  1. Sweet one, I can relate. I am 17 years into it and God has remained faithful through it all. What a blessing we have so many interventions in place to help when it is necessary (though I know it is hard, I understand). Your little man-he is fearfully and wonderfully made. Enjoy being a mama to your sweet boy and don’t let it steal your joy. You are both loved by a mighty God. ~Prayers and Blessings~ Rebecca

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