The Snot We Do As Mothers

Sweet Baby is teething once again! I really wish it would be over-as I assume so does Sweet Baby. What comes with teething: snotty nose, cough, grumpy & loose of appetite. When I try to wipe Sweet Baby’s nose he acts like I hurting him. He turns into what we fondly refer to as: angry purple baby. He’s purple cuz he holds his breath when he cries. Those snot bulbs are such a pain and I feel like I’m always doing it wrong. I googled for something else. I came across the snot sucker. I felt nf-main-prod-370x370my stomach turn. No! I already let him destroy my body by being pregnant and nursing, I was not going to suck snot out of his nose! Then I read the reviews. Other mothers swearing by it. I knew I wanted him to sleep. I wanted him to eat. I sighed, ugh the snot we do as mothers. So I went to Buy Buy Baby and purchased The Snot Sucker by NoseFrida. And dare I say it works great (I’ve seriously thought about using it on myself when I’m congested). It’s much better then the bulb. I can actually see how much snot I’m getting out. I can clean it. After I got over the idea of it, I don’t mind using it now. And it really seems to get it all out. At first Sweet Baby didn’t mind now it’s a struggle. But I guess that’s a given. Anything we tend to do that’s good for them-they detest! So I highly suggest this product. It is such a big help!



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