Update on Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby had his eye doctors visit last week. We really wish the doctor would have explained the plan better at the last visit, 4 months ago,what the goal of this visit was. Going into the appointment we thought we were going to get measurements to schedule a surgery. But instead we are going every four months because we are making sure he continues to use both of his eyes. We do not want him to develop a one dominant eye. It’s good he uses both eyes because that means his eyes are about  equal in strength so come the surgery he will recover quicker. So we need to take him every 4 months just to keep an ‘eye’ on them. They usually like to wait until two years of age to do the surgery, but with his delays his eyes are maybe were a 10 month old is. Which after review from his speech and language therapist she says developmentally he’s 10-12 months. So he may be closer to two and a half or three before the surgery. Surgery is the route we are going to fix his Strabismus. She said the longer we wait, the more developed his eyes are the better the outcome and recovery will be. So we are saving up to purchase an iPad because they have apps for vision exercises. This was an answer to our prayers since we had prayed for direction. We feel this is God’s way of just holding off for now. We know He has a plan for Sweet Baby and He loves Sweet Baby more than we do. We have peace about waiting-but waiting can be the hardest part.



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