Personal Bible Study

Sometimes when I read the Bible just fly through it. Mostly because I’m up before Sweet Baby’s day begins and I’m exhausted. As I finish reading I wonder if I got any of it. In the front of my Bible I stumbled onto a section, how to study the Bible. I’ll share with you what I found. Taking time to study  the word of God in order open-biblethat we may hear God’s voice & that we may know how to do His will and to live a better Christian life. A great scientist & medical doctor, Howard A. Kelly, was also an avid student of the Bible. He once said, “The very best way to study the Bible is simply to read it daily with close attention and with prayer to see the light that shines from its pages, to meditate upon it, and to continue to read it until somehow it works it’s self, it’s words, it’s expressions, it’s teachings, it’s habits of thought, and it’s presentation of God and His Christ into the very warp & woof of ones being.” Here are some practical suggestions for your own personal Bible time. Begin your Bible reading with prayer. Take brief notes on what you read. Keep a small notebook. Read slowly through one chapter, or perhaps two or three chapters, or perhaps just one paragraph at a time. After reading, ask yourself what this passage means. Then reread it. Another way to find the meaning in what your reading, ask yourself these questions. Not all with pertain to what your reading.

1. What is the main subject of this passage?

2. who are the persons revealed in this passage: who is speaking? about whom is he speaking? who is acting?

3. What is the key verse of this passage?

4. What does this passage teach me about the Lord Jesus Christ?

5. Does this passage portray any sin for me to confess and forsake?

6. Does this passage contain any command for me to obey?

7. Is there any promise for me to cling to?

8. Is there any instruction for me to follow?

It’s important to take time to memorize the word of God. I wish I memorized scripture more often. There are times I need His word more than my next breathe. When this world is sufficating and I feel like I’m grasping just to get along, I cling to those few verses I know. We never know when things will shift drastically we may not be able to have Bibles, we will have to cling onto what we’ve read and memorized.

Hope this helps you give structure to your personal devotion time, like it did mine. Do you have anything that helps you?


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