Breastfeeding Duties for Dads

Breastfeeding can be really lonely. Especially those late nights when its just you two. My hubby was amazing and during those first weeks or maybe months he stayed awake with me. Helped me emotionally when I’d felt exhausted and couldn’t do it anymore. He helped me when I was in such an exhausted state, “how do I want him to latch?” My hubby was so supportive of me while I nursed Sweet Baby. I remember a few times just crying go get a bottle & feed him ‘I’m done!’ ¬†(we had those sample formulas in our pantry) I’m so thankful he never gave in, he just would take screaming Sweet Baby from while I cried for a few minutes. Then as soon as I regrouped he would bring me Sweet Baby and tell me how amazing I am and I can do this. I’m so thankful to my husband for it. He fought with the crazy person I was and sometimes the mean things I said in anger and frustration (why couldn’t he lactate? I wondered sometimes). To successfully breastfeed, you need a support system. That is what our husbands are their for. So dads when she wants to give up – don’t let her. She can do it! Here are 10 duties for dads to help with breastfeeding.


Top Ten Breastfeeding Duties for Dad



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