Demoted to just an Angel


I have a Victoria Secrets Angel card. I liked the points I’d get over the years and get gift cards in return. Plus the only reason I signed up was for the coupon booklet they lured me in with. Which total rip off, after that first year I never got more coupons! What a bunch of lying snakes! Over the years I got upgraded to an Angel VIP  card. I was excited to become a VIP. In the recent years my frequent purchases have dwindled a bit. When I was pregnant & nursing, I couldn’t wear anything except a nursing bra. Now we don’t always have the money for me to go purchase an overpriced but very much-loved bra. Not to mention Kohl’s has very cute lingerie for half the price of Victoria Secret. This week I received my new angel’s card – I was demoted to just an Angel! I guess I’ll go cry from the pain of Victoria Secret executives punishing me for not spending enough money.


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