Failure is a Reality


As a nanny before Sweet Baby I thought I knew everything. Well ok maybe not everything, but I felt like I knew how to be a good parent. You watch the people around you and mentally say: ‘I’d never do that’ ‘that’s a mistake’ ‘how could they do that!?’ You have your little check list of how you’d handle each situation better differently. Then I had Sweet Baby. And I realized I knew NOTHING about being a parent. Here was this beautiful, precious life that needed me to take care of him. And I felt like I was in another country trying to speaking English. Why wasn’t anyone making sense? Now as I grow in becoming a parent for Sweet Baby I do things I swore I’d never do. Failure isn’t an option its a reality as a parent. But we just have to remember we are doing the best we can. I found this great blog about a dad making a dreadful mistake and he shares a warning for the coming summer weather. Read it. Share it so other parents can learn from their mistake. That is what I am doing.

The Negligent Parent – Failure is not an option


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