Educate Yourself First

It’s time to purchase a car. Do you just go to the dealership and see what the latest and greastest is? Whatever the salesman suggests do you just buy it on the spot not looking further into it? Making sure is it not only the right fit but a good car. Is it going to die 5 miles away from the dealership? No. The average person will do their reaserach. Most people research more into purchasing a car than looking for that person they are going to marry. It’s time to buy a house. Do you go with whatever the realtor says or do you do further research – looking into the neighborhoods you want, the value of the home, etc. Going on vacation? You look into the cheapest flights, the best hotels, best places to eat before you go. When something important is happening you do your research and educate yourself before making that next step.

Then why don’t you do the research when you walk into that doctors office for vaccinations? Why do you just automatically think what the doctors are telling you are the best for your child. Sweet Baby is not vaccinated and he may never be. It is a personal decision that our family has made. We did the research. Before you let that doctor inject your precious with heavy metals into their tiny, somedays just day old bodies, do the research. It doesn’t hurt to even just delay the shots by a few months or until they turn a year. You don’t have to do it right away. Dr. Sears also has a great book and website informing about vaccinations. They also have an alternative vaccine schedule. You don’t have to do them when the doctor suggests. You are the parent. If after doing the research and decide to vaccinate – great. But just EDUCATE yourself is all I ask. Here is a great website to do your research: National Vaccine Information Center. Your Health. Your Family. Your Choice.



2 thoughts on “Educate Yourself First

    • I’m glad you found this helpful. That’s how we feel with my son. We’ve just been putting it off – we just don’t have peace about it. He prob will never get vaccinated (unless we leave the country). Look at that website it has great information. The decision you make is what is best for your baby. Don’t let anyone bully you – it’s your baby! 🙂


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