My Hope Is In You

I could never have the right words to express my sadness on what happened in Boston on Monday. Instead I would like to share the words that Karen Kingsbury shared.

“Many of you were personally touched by the terror in Boston yesterday. Lives were shattered and today fear and uncertainty reigns from shore to shore.
67562_10152719525780386_136040663_nHARD TIMES: These are unsettling times. North Korea has nuclear missiles aimed at its enemies … School shootings and senseless crimes are increasing … And terrorists attack a sporting event as storied as the Boston Marathon. This generation has been starved of God and His ways.

We could be tempted to throw up our hands and say, “There is no peace. No help. No hope.”

Not amidst this madness
Not in this culture.
Not in this world.

BUT … Friends, Jesus offers a hope that passes understanding. He looks on North Korea and Newtown and Boston and the Middle East and He weeps. Much as He did over Jerusalem on the way to the cross.

HOPE and PEACE: You see, because Jesus took that trip, because He died that death and rose again our hope and peace are not dependent on the events of the day. We can put our full trust in Him – not in this world. And we can be sure that nothing can harm us. Death cannot touch us. A guaranteed happy ending. What a beautiful reality. What a perfect truth.

HIS WORD: Hold tight to God’s infallible Word, the only foundation He left for us. Our only authority as we journey from life to life. This world is not our home, friends.

PRAY: “Lord, we lift up the people affected by yesterday’s bombing, and by other tragic violence around the world. Bring healing as only You can, Father. You are our peace, our hope, our salvation. The light of the world. We rest in that truth and we stand by Your word – now and forever. In the powerful name of Jesus, amen.”

Thank you Karen for your comforting words.


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