New Blog Series: Products I love

As a mom I’m always seeking advice from other moms. What brand do you use for this & that? So I thought I’d share my favorite products. What I love about them and the ones that failed. The one I will share today is the brand of goats milk we use. Sweet Baby isn’t allergic to dairy but milk can constipate him. I was giving him regular yogurt but he’d get so constipated. So I was nervous about when he turned 1 introducing him to cows milk once we stopped nursing. A good friend suggested goats milk. She continued to tell me that it is the next best thing to breast milk and is very similar in its make up. And it’s gentler on tummy’s. Goats milk is higher in calcium than cows milk; also has more potassium, phosphorus, vitamins A and D. My next question was, where on earth do I purchase goats milk? She told me to go to Sprouts and purchase Meyenberg‘s Goat Milk. It is pasteurized and that process can cause it to lose some of its nutrients, so we have to make sure to give him a vitamin supplement just to make sure he is getting all he needs. Sweet Baby loves his goat’s milk! The hubby tried it and thought it was good too. The only thing is it can be pricey, especially at the rate at which Sweet Baby drinks. We purchase a quart of whole goats milk close to eight dollars. They also have a pint of light goats milk. Lately we’ve been adding water to each bottle to help the goat’s milk last longer. But we are reminded of the benefits it has for Sweet Baby. Where to Buy Meyenberg’s Goat Milk.


Now that I had found him a great and healthy alternative to cows milk I still had the delimma for the yogurt. Sweet Baby loves yogurt & its a great quick snack. I was back at Sprouts looking for goat yogurt and I found it! (its amazing when your actually looking for it – you’ll find it.) Sweet Baby eats Redwood Hill Farm. It was again another success. They have plain flavor and vanilla. I purchase the vanilla and I have I have blueberries in the house, I’ll chop them up and put them in the yogurt. I also put banana in it as well. This product is also pricey. We purchase 32 oz container and I’m pretty sure that’s close to eight dollars as well. But the nutritional benefits and knowing its gentle on Sweet Baby’s belly is worth the money. Where to buy Redwood Hill Farm’s goats milk yogurt. 

P.S. As I was putting this post together I noticed this on the top of the yogurt. It made me smile and just loved purchasing this even more. I might have even smiled and said: You go mama goats, nurse your babies! (yes I am officially be crazy or maybe just very weird.)



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