Suck it up Buttercup

‘Suck it up buttercup,’ a great motto I just learned about from another mom who is dealing with developmental delays with her kiddos. I found her blog post encouraging and it brought tears to my eyes. With none of my friends having to deal with developmental delays at times I feel totally alone. Some days I struggle with why Sweet Baby needs help with things that other children just pick up naturally. It can by overwhelmingly, exhausting. Some days I struggle with this isn’t exactly how I pictured this. And I feel guilty that I feel disappointed on those days; as if I’m missing out on something. But Sweet Baby is the most precious, sweet baby ever. His smile could melt anyones heart. I want to teach him (and future children to come) that things in this life don’t go according to plan. But we need to go through it with a smile and praising the Lord on our lips. So I pray whatever he goes through he never looses his precious smile. So as I go ‘suck it up buttercup’ read her blog on Dealing with Developmental Delays and Early Intervention by Naptime Tales.



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