Happy Resurrection Sunday!


I hope as Easter or Resurrection Sunday, as we call it, comes around again your not focusing on the candy or the dyed eggs. Or even the creepy adorable Easter bunny. But your using this time to reflect on what Jesus did for us. He came down from heaven and died on the cross for each & everyone of us. He loves us that much. He rose 3 days later! There is nothing we can do to work our way to heaven. We simply accept this amazing gift, acknowledge we are sinners and we are saved. I am so thankful and amazed by His gift.

As a mother now I think of a lot of things differently. I will try to put my feelings into words. I imagine what it was like to be Mary. A pregnant virgin. But then giving birth to a child who would later take on the sins of the world. To nurse him. To love him. To raise the precious little baby into a man. Then watch that man be brutally beaten & hung on the cross. As a mother, to even think of that tears my heart out of my chest & brings tears to my eyes. It brings a new sense of reality of what Jesus did for us. So today, as your enjoying the festivities, take a moment & reflect on what Jesus has done for us. Truly think about it. Thank Him & tell Him you love Him. Then think of that family or friend who hasn’t accepted this amazing gift. And pray for them; that God would do a wonder in their life.

God bless & Happy Resurrection Sunday


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