Transiting to One Nap Daily

I love Sweet Baby’s morning nap. I use it to do many things: clean, work out, read devotionals and shower! Sweet Baby I think is ready to drop his morning nap, he is 15 1/2 months. Part of me is ready, so we can do more things with other moms in the morning. But the other part and screaming and holding on for dear life. Of course as I mentally prepare to drop his morning nap-he goes through a growth spurt today. He napped for an hour an a half this morning and two and a half hour this afternoon. He was extremely grumpy when he was awake-except when he was eating. Which he ate a ton and had three separate lunches today! So once he’s ready we are going to drop his morning nap.

Here are some signs your kids still NEEDS one nap:

  • Your child is under 12 months.
  • When you put your child down, he whines, fusses, or plays but always ends up falling asleep for an hour or more.
  • When you take your child for car rides during the day he usually ends up falling asleep.
  • If your child misses a nap, he is fussy and acts tired until the next nap or bed time.
  • Your child misses one nap because you are on the go, but when at home he takes both scheduled naps.

Here are some signs that it is time to let go of one nap:

  • When you put your child down for a nap, he plays or fusses and then only falls asleep for a short while, if he falls asleep at all.
  • Your child can go for car rides early in the day and not fall asleep.
  • When your child misses a nap, they are happy and energetic until the next nap.
  • Your child sleeps well for one nap, but resists the other nap.

Check out Naptime Tales for the tips on transitioning your child to one nap and the danger of dropping a nap too soon. If there are days were you both need 15 minutes don’t feel bad about putting your baby in the crib with a few toys and allowing them some alone play time. It’s benefical for both you and baby. Good luck and God speed.


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