Eye Exam

This week Sweet Baby has his eye exam this week. We are going to get a second opinion about the eye surgery. Although at this point I’m ready to do the surgery. I’m hoping they will be able to measure how much muscle they will have to cut so we can schedule the surgery. I try not to think too much about the surgery though. It’s kinda scary if you think of it. He’s so young and I don’t want to even think about what could go wrong. It is going to be the longest hour of my life. But I must have faith and trust God. I know God could heal him if that was His plan. But God also gave us doctors, so we are ok with that. We’ve heard lots of good things recently about people who have had the surgery. About how amazing the improvement is. And how quick the recovery is. Since this is a new doctor they are going to have to dilate his eyes so they can look at him. This makes me really anxious. He hated it so much when they did that the first two times. His face turned red and he cried so loud, causing my tears to fight for escape. I was able to soothe him pretty well after with nursing. But we are no longer nursing. It sorta breaks my heart that I can’t provide that for him. We are planning on bringing some milk for him, hoping that’ll do the trick. I’m so glad hubby will be there for the moral support. I need it. We will keep you updated. God bless.



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