Breastfeeding from a Dad’s Point of View

I love following The Leaky B@@b on facebook. I get to read all sorts of encouraging messages to other mothers to breastfeed. I get to read many different points of view of how long to nurse, to name of few. Today as I scrolled down my newsfeed I came across a dad writing about breastfeeding. I loved it. Made me tear up a little, my arms ached as I long for a newborn to nurse (I have bad baby fever!). I thought I would share this with you. If your nursing and need some support, this community of women are great!

“Hello, my name is Jeremy, aka The Piano Man. I have breastfed 6 of my babies, vicariously, through my amazing wife,Jessica. I have been there to watch, support, embrace, and encourage this beautiful, bonding, and life-giving act 6 times over. But it’s just not the same thing as actually being able to do it myself. I sometimes wish I could breastfeed too. Especially when I observe Mama and Baby stare into each others’ souls in that loving embrace. Or when Baby is hurt or sleepy, and my big, warm, Daddy cuddles just aren’t doing the trick. Or when it looks like Jessica gets to hang 


out on the couch again while I tend to household chores – never mind that she’s managing a huge community of people while doing so; you know…working?! On the other hand, when gumming the nipple turns to teeth, I cringe at Jessica’s pain and I’m not jealous in that moment. And I don’t feel so jealous either when Jessica’s back and neck are a wreck from having slept with Baby at the boob most of the night – again. No, I’m happy to have a supporting role then too. It’s a mixed bag for supportive husbands and involved fathers too, I guess.

Maybe I should start over. Hello, my name is Jeremy, aka The Piano Man. I have 6 smart, strong, creative, and caring children – all girls – and I love the honor of being their Daddy. I am crazy in love with my wife, Jessica, and support her in all her endeavors, as does for me also. I provide more behind the scenes work for TLB, primarily with sponsors and tech stuff. I help homeschool our kids. I cook, clean the house, and even change the sheets from time to time! ; ) I am a Ballet Dad, teach private piano, guitar and French lessons. Oh yeah, I grew up in France (minor detail). And I help lead a new endeavor whose objective is to bring artists together to speak up for the oppressed, with my amazing wife. I’m a pianist, and overall artist, and I’m still working on expressing myself fully in all that I do – I probably always will. Does anyone else feel like a work in progress, pulled in several different directions at once, while striving to be yourself fully in all areas?”

Beautiful photo courtesy of The Leaky B@@b

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