I Won’t Be This Small

Sweet Baby currently is sick. He has this awful cough. We had a pretty good run 14 months before he got sick! Thank you Lord for such a healthy little boy. I am currently rocking the restless, exhausted Sweet Baby. He wants to sleep so bad but he’s so frustrated with his cough. He’ll start to doze off then he coughs and then he turns into angry purple baby. As I’m rocking him, listening to the Beatles playlist, kissing his precious face I’m scrolling through Pinterest on my phone. I came across this. It’s beautiful and really puts in perspective these moments. When there is a part of mind nagging me about the growing laundry. Why is it always growing?! Why can’t it ever be the shrinking laundry?!? My stomach nagging me to feed it. And my workout time being taken away. Let alone my shower time. But this little poem brings tears to my eyes. Embrace this moment. It could be gone in a flash.



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