Just the simplest rephrasing can make a difference

It really bothers me how people we don’t know well treat Sweet Baby. At this point, he’s 14 months and not doing things other toddlers are doing, and people take notice. People hear he has vision issues and they ask, what’s wrong with him? People know he has developmental delays and ask again, what’s wrong with him? I hate it and it really breaks my heart. Because there is nothing wrong with him. He’s the sweetest most precious, perfect child. He has the sweetest smile in the world. It lights up the room, makes you smile and he steals a piece of your heart every time. He truly is a happy baby despite his difficulty seeing.

I’ve complained to my husband that people are insensitive and what he said is true. Since he doesn’t have a syndrome or anything cognitively wrong people don’t know how to treat him. It’s a gray line, he just is developmentally delayed. So they phrase things and do things that to me, are insensitive. The other day a person my husband works with asked how Sweet Baby & I were doing. He mentions Sweet Baby’s vision. Instead of the normal, what’s wrong with him? She says, “Is there anything the matter?” Something about it just makes my heart soar. They aren’t blaming Sweet Baby. In someone else’s eyes he isn’t looked upon as failing, yet again. And at such a young age. He hasn’t failed. He’s my special, perfect baby boy. Who laughs, smiles and cries just like the rest of us. No matter what life brings him I pray He never loses his precious smile that lights up a room. And I believe as parents, it’s up to us to model to him. To show him how to be joyful in dark situations. How deceitful our feelings truly can be. That through our darkest hour Christ is the only true thing in this life. He loves us. I pray I can show that to Sweet Baby. Lord knows how I need help with that in my own life!


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