New from the Used

It has been a Pinterest weekend. I’ve tried several things and I’ll let you know if it was a success or a major flop! I’ve pinned this one months ago and finally decided to use it. I always buy Wal*Mart candles because not only are they cheap but I feel I can smell them the most while they burn. I had finished a candle and instead of tossing the jar I decided to reuse it. It was simple. I just boiled some water in my tea kettle then poured it into the jar. Right away it started to work and was like a lava lamp. Bubbles of wax started to float to the top. At first it looked like it was going to take several times, didn’t think the water would stay warm enough to melt all of it. But it did. A couple of hours later all the wax had risen to the top, it wasn’t hardened yet so I was able to bend it out. Tada! A brand new jar. I just waited until all the wax was melted and dumped the water. because I was nervous about putting wax down my drain I dumped it outside in our rocks. Then I put the jar the dishwasher and it was better than new. I am using my new jar to hold our cotton balls and Q-tips. It looks great and expensive. But the little secret is the candle was only $5! Enjoy!!


My grade: Pinterest success!




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