Sweet Baby’s Journey into the World


Its been a year but the memories are still there. I pray I never forget Sweet Baby’s journey into this world. On Dec 2, 2011 was our last day just my hubby and I. My due date was Dec 6th and when I had gone in for my last doctors visit I wasn’t dilated, or effaced and she said she wouldn’t be surprised if Sweet Baby was late. Between the tears I wanted to slap her. Don’t say that to a 9 month pregnant woman! But Sweet Baby had other ideas. I woke up in the middle of night feeling odd. I went to get out of bed to use the restroom. I struggled out of bed and the moment I stood up gushes of water just poured out! I held my knees tight together, thinking I was wetting my pants. I called for hubby, groggily(i think I just made a new word) he rolls over, “Hmm?” The water eased up. I relaxed. Then more water kept gushing out. “I think my water just  broke.” I tried very hard to not get too excited, remembering from our birthing class: aderline could slow down labor. I changed my clothes then called our doula to let her know my water had broken. She told me to rest and keep track contractions but that we’d touch base in a couple of hours. I got back in bed to attempt to sleep before the craziness of what was about to happen! The contractions were pretty consistent and made it very difficult to fall back asleep. Hubby snoozed away next to me. I tease him but with how long my labor was, I am glad he got his rest. About 5:30 am I got up and showered knowing it’d probably be my last time. I worked through the contractions as I braided my hair back. Then I brought my exercise ball into bed and drapped myself over it and worked through the contractions. I then woke up hubby around 7am and told him to call our parents-this was it! I called the doula to let her know I was having 8 contractions an hour. She was happy to hear and said I’m doing great. She’d check back in a couple of hours. Hubby then made me some breakfast-malt-o-meal. Then about 10am my contractions pretty much stopped. I was having 3 in an hour. I called the doula. She was a little concerned with my water having been broken for 10 hours. She said to pump for on and off for an hour and see if that helps. We did that for an hour and it increased them a little bit. I also brewed myself a cup of raspberry leaf tea. But it didn’t increase them enough. Our orignal birth plan was to labor at home until I was 8 cm dilated then we’d go to the hospital. I felt nervous. I didn’t want unneeded hospital intervention. “Is there still a chance for a natural delivery even with pitocin?” I asked my doula. “Yes, I’ve had many clients still have a natural delivery.” I remember touching my belly a lot that day. It was as if I was trying to tell Sweet Baby, it’ll be ok. Hurry up, mommy can’t wait to meet you! At this point we didn’t know Sweet Baby was a boy-it was a surprise!

I called the hospital and let them know my water broke and my contractions have pretty much stopped. It was snowing like crazy that day. Hubby helped me down our three flights of stairs and into the car. The hospital ride was about 15 minutes away. I remember during the contractions in the car I would say “yes baby. I love you baby. Yes baby.” it helped ease the contraction pain. We checked in and they checked to see how dilated I was: 1.25 cm. They did an ultrasound, Sweet Baby’s head was cocked to the side. The doctor allowed me to labor for an hour or so longer. I remember walking the halls with our doula. She rubbed my lower back as I started getting back labor. We chatted in between contractions. She is a wonderful women and we were so blessed God brought her into our life. I loved sharing this day with her. then we got back to the room. I’d nap in between contractions. We had Seinfield in the DVD player. Hubby helped me into to positions to help me turn Sweet Baby, Then they gave me a pitocin drip. That’s when things got crazy. The contractions wore me out. I couldn’t nap in between them or sometimes barely catch my breath. After educating ourselves on labor and delivery I was very worried about pitocin. We took a 12 week Bradley birthing class. I kept asking, ‘is our baby ok? how is the heart rate?” the nurse would always smile, “baby is doing well. looks like the baby might be sleeping-heart rate very good.’ Hubby was like superman, helping me through every contraction. What helped so much was when we’d labor dance and during a contraction we’d lock eyes and I’d labor moan. The contractions felt tougher if I didn’t have hubby there hold my hands and looking me in the eyes. I tried laboring in the tub, but it wasn’t relaxing with my back labor. I remember close to tears saying “I can’t do this.” Hubby would rub my back, “yes you can sweetie.” Six hours of pitocin with no pain medications at this point. I was becoming exhausted and defeated. They checked to see how dilated I was-only 4 cm. I had been in labor for 24 hours at this point-with six hours of pitocin. I don’t remember much at this point. Hubby said: right now it’s either epidural or chances of emergency c-section. Our doula says if I keep laboring we risk emergency c-section because of exhaustion. I asked for an epidural and pretty soon they had me sitting up on the bed and they were administering it. I was so scared of epidural-I heard too many horror stories. But mostly I was afraid of the needle. I was crying, hubby holding my hands, he was smiling, telling me it was ok. They told me not to move-but I felt a contraction coming just as they started entering the needle. Tears came faster-I was so scared. Then once that was done they laid me down in bed as they let the drug take over. Our doula sent hubby out to get something to drink and take a breath while I relaxed. I won’t lie-the epidural was nice. I didn’t feel any pain! I could finally catch my breath and breathe. Our doula had come in and told me our parents were here and wanted to see me before she sent them home. I let them in, the moment I locked eyes with my momma I started crying. I felt so emotional. I think the tears were because I so badly did not want an epidural. My momma reached down to hug me. “You’re doing so good.” she kept saying. Then our doula ushered them out and sent them home. We had a long night in front of us. They told us to try to get some sleep. Hubby curled up on the bed under the window. I turned to him, “What do you think we’re having?” “A girl.” he smiled. I wouldn’t let myself to fall asleep-I was too scared. I had so many drugs pumping through my system. I was so scared I’d never wake up. Everytime I felt myself drifting off to sleep I’d wake myself up.

That lasted for 2 hours when they decided to come and check me. They laughed because I was complete and my contractions were still 5 minutes apart and they felt his head in the birth canal. They upped my pitocin to get my contractions closer. The nurse got our doula and we woke up hubby, it was time! I felt the words on my lips-I’m tired can’t I just sleep one more hour! haha

I never really thought much about pushing. And I didn’t really know how it worked. But when it came time to push-I didn’t realize how hard it was. I know, that sounds silly. Of course it’s gonna be hard. I’m pushing a human being out of a 10 cm hole! But it’s not what I imagined. At first my pushing went great. I remember the nurses saying this baby should be born within an hour. Hubby stopped holding my hand and they got him ready to catch Sweet Baby! They brought the doctor in but little did we know, Sweet Baby was still cocked funny. I was beginning to get exhausted and spent. I had no food in my system-except what little my doula would sneak me. They pulled out the mirror (which in the beginning I didn’t think I wanted to see myself that way-but when they brought out the mirror it helped so much!) “I think you’re having a boy-he doesn’t want to leave his momma!”  a nurse smiled. In the end I pushed for 2 1/2 hours. At one point I remember seeing on the doctors eyes, c-section.  That is when I found another strength and started pushing again. Sweet Baby was pushing up on my hip-causing pain to shoot during a contraction.  The nurse would say that means I gotta push.  I remember after pushing once I started getting dizzy and I said, “I feel like I’m gonna pass out.” The nurses put an oxygen mask on me while our doula ran to her bag of tricks and put some peppermint in the oxygen mask-it woke me up. Then by God’s grace He turned Sweet Baby and from then on out he pretty much came out with a couple of pushes. I remember “Ok dad get ready.” I could see Sweet Baby’s head full of hair. I reached down and felt his head. My heart was racing, as they told me to push again. I honestly don’t remember how many more times I pushed but I just remember my husbands tearful voice say: “It’s a boy.” His strong, healthy cry filled the room. Tears streamed down my checks as my body just relaxed. They placed Sweet Baby next to me as they waited for the umbilical cord to finish pumping. Then hubby cut it and they laid Sweet Baby on me. I felt the heat of his body. I just couldn’t belive it. He was finally here. All that work (30+) hours and it just all vanished the moment I held my precious boy. Due to his long delivery he didn’t want to nurse right away like I had hoped. His tummy was full of the water. He wasn’t interested in nursing until 9:30pm that night but when he did he never stopped.

I am so thankful to my husband for how amazing he was during all of it. I’m so thankful to our amazing doula for all her help. But I’m most of all thankful to my Lord Jesus for giving me this precious baby boy. My life has never been the same. Happy birthday my Sweet Baby, mommy loves you more than you could know!




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