Sweet Baby’s 1st Birthday Party

I can’t believe my Sweet Baby is going to be a year old tomorrow. How a year can go so fast! It makes me sad that he’s a year old (makes me wanna start working on baby number 2!). We had his birthday party yesterday. It was be a small intimate gathering with family. My parents, my in-laws, my brother & his fiancée and some family friends. Sweet Baby was rather grumpy and wasn’t happy to see a tiny apartment full of people to see him. He cried most of time through the opening of presents and didn’t eat much dinner. We had White Enchilada Chicken dish and Carne Asada, they sell at Costco. I know mexican food in December-but it was easy, quick & yummy.  Hubby and I didn’t want to give Sweet Baby a cake packed with sugar. We are trying to do what we feel is best for him. We are trying to mold his eating habits into better than ours. Since joining weight watchers, it has caused me to more conscious about what I’m putting in my body. And his. I found a recipe from Our Haven Hill for a Healthy Smash Cake. I must’ve done something wrong with the frosting-because mine didn’t look anything like the pictures. Mine was runny, her’s is thick. Check out the website for the recipe. He did enjoy it! I think if I could do it again though, I would’ve made my normal banana cake recipe because the way this baked up was odd. I’m assuming it’s because it didn’t have eggs. But regardless he loved it. Against my wishes-my husband purchased (a very yummy) cake from Whole Foods. I didn’t want a different cake for us because I didn’t want to hear the comments about us eating this cake why can’t Sweet Baby. But hubby didn’t want banana cake for everyone else and he was the first to crack a joke about irony. He is only a year old-he will have plenty of time to stuff himself with sugar. Yes call us Quaker-tree-huggers because we don’t want hop Sweet Baby up on sugar.

His theme was Cookie Monster. Which can be surprisingly hard to find just cookie monster, but we did pretty good. Party City had good options. We had a cookie monster: napkins, bib and hats! I hung his monthly pictures up on a blue ribbon and attached the photos with baby clothes pins. It was so cute and was so fun seeing photos of him growing. We still have them hanging up and I love looking at them, so they may be there for a while. It was a lot of fun gathering with family and friends and celebrating my precious, Sweet Baby. I do wish he would’ve been in a better mood, but he was still just so cute!


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