The Little Gym. Serious Fun.

Now that winter is here, I find myself with cabin fever. I can’t always go to the mall to get out of the house. Because I just want to spend money. I find things I didn’t know I needed! Its great! Uh not really. I’ve been trying to think of things to do with Sweet Baby that are fun for both of us. Since he is still not mobile, it feels like there are not a lot of options. His birthday is fast approaching and family have been asking what to get him. I glance at his ever-growing pile of toys and then an idea popped into my head. I can take him to a music class or swimming. I start looking up places online and found The Little Gym. They had a class for his age group and they offer a free introductory class. So I found our nearest location and signed up for a free class. Our class was yesterday and it was so much fun. It will be better once Sweet Baby is moving but I think he enjoyed it. The ‘lesson’ of the day was color. So everything we did in the class, the instructor wanted us to tell our babies the color of the ball. Or the mat they were on. We played with balls, sang songs and played with a colorful parachute! Then it was time to get up and explore the room. It was full of colorful balance beams, bars and mats shaped in triangles, circles, squares and tunnel! Sweet baby and I walked around and sat him inside the tunnel. He looks around and smiles as he wiggles his feet. He’s excited. He looks at the girl (11 months) and does his loud squawk. She looks her mommy frightened. I laugh and say, “Oh he’s not yelling at you, he’s just excited.” she smiles and moves along. Sweet Baby got to ‘walk’ on a balance beam. I held him under his arms and the instructor moved his feet like he was walking. He smiled pretty much the whole time. Since all the other kiddos were mobile, there was one thing that Sweet Baby couldn’t totally do. The instructor was having them work on reaching over and gripping the bar. But with us she had us play peek-a-boo over the bar as Sweet Baby held onto the bar. He thought it was a blast. He had so much fun, laughing and giggling as we played. And let me tell you, it was quite a work out for momma. Suck in your abs! Or lack there of. . . 

We did lots of singing; we sang the itsy bitsy spider and the wheels on the bus. He had so much fun and it was fun for me to meet other mommas. They were all very nice. Made me feel welcomed and they didn’t single out Sweet Baby for being behind. I had mentioned he sees a physical therapist and the instructor says that they can help with what they are learning in the physical therapy sessions. She said just inform the instructor on what he is learning and she will incorporate it into the class. When I told his occupational therapist about the class last night she was so happy we were doing that with him. The social interaction and seeing other children doing stuff would be very helpful to him. Now its debating if we can afford to keep sending him to the classes. I can’t remember how much they said-but its membership basis only. I really wish they had a punch card! It’s hard because we want to do everything we can to help him. But if we just can’t afford it-what do you do? I’m not working and I don’t plan on going back to work anytime soon. We will just have pray about it and hope that God provides for us to do this with him. Find your local, The Little Gym.

Tomorrow I will be trying a class that my local rec center offers. It’s much cheaper since I’m a county resident, $4.50 a class! It’s a baby and me swim class. I’m really excited for this class tomorrow because I love to swim. If I believed in the whole reincarnation thing-I’d think I was a fish in a past life. I just love to swim. But I know God put that love in my heart. He created me that way. 🙂  Sweet Baby enjoyed it during the summer but he wasn’t very old and would want to be done after 10 minutes. So I’m hoping tomorrows class goes well. I mentioned this class to his occupational therapist and she was so excited for this. She says swimming would be so great for his low muscle tone and to help with his body awareness.


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