Holiday Gift Ideas for All Developmental Levels

Family has been asking me what does Sweet baby want for his Birthday and Christmas. Not knowing what’d be best for his developmental level, I email his physical & occupational therapist. They were great in giving us great ideas. I figured I’d share for families who have children with developmental delays.

His physical therapist said he is going between cause and effect, to more dump/fill  and nesting type toys. So, for example there are a few toys by the parents brand that are ball run type toys. She tends to like the ones that require a bit of effort to get the ball in the hole, so kids get the immediate idea that their effort made something happen. For nesting toys you may want to look at cups or boxes that can stack or nest. Lastly, what do you all think about a ride on toy, maybe one that he sits on initially and then he can push when he is up and walking…! I had difficulty getting the pictures of them off Target’s website so here are the links. Check them out!

His Occupational therapist sent me a useful blog. She said the musical toys would be great for him, because he loves music. ThereaPlay of Colorado
So many exciting things to get for my Sweet Baby.
xo xo
countdown to his 1st birthday! 6 days!

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