Great Christmas Ideas!

I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but I can’t stop thinking about Christmas. I feel like I didn’t get a Christmas last year; with Sweet Baby being not even 2 weeks old. Last Christmas was a blur of nursing every three (sometimes two) hours, getting no sleep, being in that newborn daze and being emotional and physically drained. So I’m beyond excited for Christmas this year. But I’m also so excited for the Christmases to come as Sweet Baby gets older. As I was browsing through Pinterest (You’ve probably figured out by now, I do that a lot) I found a great way to do photos on canvases without spending an arm an a leg! I’ve been trying to figure out how to decorate our living room wall. Its one huge, long wall and with my three frames (that look tiny on this wall) it looks stupid. I’ve looked at all the retail shops but anything with frames is expensive. So I was excited when I saw this. I could do it to decorate my wall and as Christmas gifts to the grandparents with pictures of Sweet Baby. She mentioned she got the canvases on a great deal for black friday. Hey, thats next week! I’ll be keeping my eyes out for coupons and great deals! Below are the materials but check out Literally Inspired for the amazingly easy steps on how to make these wonderful photo canvases.
painting canvases
MOD podge
exacto knife
acrylic paint
(in the tutorial they used scrapbook paper to cover their edges. i felt painting was easier and it gave a nice finish)
Photo from Literally Inspired

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