Professor Chaos!

We have started calling Sweet Baby, Professor Chaos! Since he is still immobile, we know he is plotting how to wreak havoc on our little home. Which we have yet to baby proof. Head hangs in shame. He has had his glasses for two weeks and just a few days ago he figured out how take them off. Not just pull them down so they’re stuck in his mouth or nose but fully off. I put him in his jumper-roo as I attempted to unload the dishes until he’s bored with it. As I’m washing dishes I look over at him and the glasses are gone. They aren’t stuck in his nose or mouth. Odd. Drying off my hands I walk over to him and I don’t see the glasses at all. Did I take off his glasses? Looking around, I can’t seem to find them. At this point I’m starting to think I’ve finally gone crazy. I have finally lost what was left of my mind. I must have taken them off before I put them in the jumper-roo. As I turn around I see them. He not only figured out how to take them off but he figured out how to throw them.
Professor Chaos: 1
Parents: 0

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