Uses for a Garlic Press

My husband was very proud of himself for discovering another use for the garlic press. We were making Sweet Baby breakfast-instant oatmeal his new favorite. I had purchased apples at the store and we wanted to use them before they went bad. Not to mention an apple a day keeps the doctor away. After googling how to make apples into baby food I discovered you have to cook the apples. Now Sweet Baby has no patience when its time to eat. You better have it ready quick or you’ll hear squawking and he’ll start arching his back. I always wonder if he thinks we ever won’t feed him. I told the hubby, “We don’t have time to cook these, He is hungry now.” We thought about chopping them up in tiny pieces but with the loud squawking of Sweet Baby my husband came up with another idea. He peeled the apple cut into cube sizes and pushed them through the garlic press. He smiled, “Put that on Pinterest (I’m always bragging about what I find on Pinterest).” It was perfect because it made the apple into really small pieces and not to mention I got some apple juice out of it! I’ve used the garlic press three other times for the apple. It was nice adding another flavor to Sweet Baby’s oatmeal and he enjoyed it. I even put a hint of cinnamon in it as well. Yum delish! 
xo xo

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