Following Our Sonny Life

Back in June I became aware of NPA. I had never heard of this disease. This blog,  Our Sonny Life showed up on my Facebook feed. The description was to pray for this family as they lost their baby to NPA. I read the blog and my heart just crumbled to pieces. Sweet Baby was 6 months at the time and I couldn’t imagine what this family was going through. Watching Trek pass on in their arms. As I read today’s post, tears streamed down my face. My arms ached for Sweet Baby and he was just in the room next door. My heart hurt for Trek’s mom. Her arms must ache every day for Trek. I wish I could cross th

e distance and I could hug her. I don’t know if I could even say anything of comfort to her. I would just hug her and each of her family members. In times like these I think thats all you can do. I have prayed for this family that Jesus would comfort them in the only He can. As I read Treks timeline, my heart broke all over again. Here are cyber hugs for the Trek family. If your family is going through this with your little precious angel. I’m sorry and I wish stuff like this didn’t happen. I wish I knew why. Please look at this amazing blog, they would be a great support system.
I just finished reading about Trek’s birth story. Its amazing. You should check it out. I was unable to delivery naturally like I had hoped, so I’m a little jealous.    😉 But my husband did get to catch Sweet Baby. (that reminds me I have not shared my birth story with you. Watch for it in the next few days!) 
This is an amazing family and I enjoy reading about their adventures. 
xo xo

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