10 Reasons Why Babies Won’t Sleep

With Sweet Baby refusing to nap normally, I decided to look into it. As a newborn I felt I had a better handle on why he wouldn’t nap. Or maybe I just had more patience. I came across this blog and it brought to mind somethings I hadn’t thought of. Check out Mummyology for the full list.

#7. They are learning a new skill. Sweet Baby is trying to learn a ton of new skills. In his PT appointments we are trying to teach him to crawl. In his OT appointments we are trying to teach him to feed himself. ‘Some babies when learning new skills will wake up to practice or process the development. If your baby is waking up but not crying and wanting to play and talk with you it’s quite possible this is the reason. They might also find it hard to switch off at bedtime, wanting to practice. There isn’t a lot you can do about it really; a calm bedtime routine can help, and make sure that your baby has lots of opportunity during the day to explore their new world and just remember this too shall pass. . .”

#10 They want to be close to you. ‘Babies want to be close to their parents, especially mummy. For millions of years humans slept with their babies and children close to them, it was only with the invention of the bed and cot that this started to change. There is nothing wrong with co-sleeping! (safely). It’s natural for you and your baby to want to be close to each other. And you don’t have to co-sleep, you could just cuddle your baby to sleep and then pop them in their own bed. Babies are so little, but for such a short time; enjoy your snuggles.’ My husband is always quick to remind me of this one when I’m overwhelmed with Sweet Baby not sleeping. I remind myself there are times when I just want my husband to hold me. I just want to feel him close, his breath on my skin. So why wouldn’t Sweet Baby just want that?

Her list is very helpful. She ends it with some great points I needed to hear today. So I’m going to pass them to you:

“Remember whatever sleep struggles you’re going through it won’t last forever and your baby isn’t not sleeping just to piss you off; there’s ALWAYS a reason. Please don’t leave your baby to cry on their own for any length of time . . . even if nothing is wrong they are just tiny people that probably need a cuddle.”

xo xo



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