Weaning Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby is approaching a year. I’m still nursing him 4 times a day. I was hoping by the time he was a year, he’d be nursing only in the morning and at night. That way the complete weaning process would be much easier. I was able to cut out his 4th feeding and we are down to three. I will wait until next week to cut that one out. I don’t want to do it too soon, because just from losing that feeding it’s messed with my hormones. Not to mention as I think of my breastfeeding journey coming to an end, my eyes fill with tears. At times I couldn’t wait for the 12 month mark to come. I wanted my boobs (or what was left o

f them) back. I missed wearing my sexy bras and not those ugly nursing bras. I couldn’t wait for my body to feel totally mine again. But as I hold Sweet Baby close and catch his scent, he latches on like a pro, my heart breaks. I know he will be sad when momma retires the boobs. So will I. My breastmilk is the only thing that only I can give him. For those first 6 months my milk was only thing that nourished Sweet Baby. My sweet, golden milk was the only thing that his tongue had tasted.

I follow The Leaky B@@b on facebook and she just happens to post 12 weaning ceremonies. There are lots of good ideas on here if you have chosen extended nursing. Since that is not the case for Sweet Baby and I, there is only a few I can choose from. But I love the idea if #11. Choose a special time to be together. I will miss that early morning time of just me and him. The look in his eyes as he’s nursing. How his eye lids get heavy and his roll in the back of his head. He’s thinking, ‘Oh yeah this is the good stuff.’ Then his hand reaches up and he pats my chest. ‘Nice work momma.’ I will pick a same time each day and we will spend it together. Either reading abook or doing one of his favorite things: snuggling. He is such a snuggle mommas boy. Another good idea was to find something special that represents this transition. The Leaky B@@b highly recommend Hollyday Designs breastmilk jewelry – it is beautiful. Its a little pricey for us, but I will find something I can cherish that symbolizes our special one-of-a-kind breastfeeding journey.


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