What’s Momma Reading?

I have never been a stronger reader. In elementary school I was very slow to learning to read. So growing up I hated reading. Then one day I stumbled onto a book by Karen Kingsbury. I have been unable to stop reading her books since then! Last week her most recent book, The Bridge was released. I had preordered the book and got it Friday. With Sweet Baby not sleeping I haven’t been able to dive in! But what I have read so far is as expected from Karen Kingsbury-amazing! She knows how to capture her readers. You need to check this book out!! Karen knows how to take care of her fans. Her book tour for this book was making a stop in my hometown. The night of found out I squealed like a little girl causing my husband to jump!  I was beyond ecstatic because I have not meet this amazing person. I had a babysitter lined up my husband and I were gonna make a date of it. Go into the city for dinner and then the book signing. Tuesday night I signed into my Facebook account and she had announced her son needed surgery and she was going to stay home with him. The mother side of me, understood completely. As a mother I wouldn’t want to leave Sweet Baby’s side for a surgery. I was happy to see her family came first and am 100% behind her! But the selfish, fan in me was so sad. She was finally coming  to my city and I was a weeks away from meeting her! But Karen knew how to make up for it. She said everyone planning to attend will receive a free autographed copy of The Bridge! I got an email saying to expect my book in a couple of weeks. The one I had purchased I will be gifting for Christmas. I can mark a certain someone off my Christmas list now-thank you Karen Kingsbury. Anyways check out the link for a product trailer of this amazing book so far!

The Bridge

xo xo


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