Superman Wore Glasses Now Does Sweet Baby

Sweet Baby’s glasses came in yesterday. With him not sleeping anyways we got ready and out the door we went. They fitted the glasses on him and he looks even more adorable-if that was even possible. He looks like he should be walking around with a smoking pipe, news paper and a bow tie (post coming soon on making bow tie’s on onesies). He’s only been wearing them for 24 hours now and I have noticed subtle changes. He is starting to notice things now. He was reaching for my lunch, something he hasn’t done before, and I had to quickly catch it before he decided to hurl it across the room! It is so much fun seeing them help him and I can’t wait to see them help him become mobile. He doesn’t mind wearing them-except when he’s fussy he tries to get away from them. The only issue is during feedings and when he smudges food all over them, they can be a pain to clean.

xo xo


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