So over Halloween

I’m so ready for Halloween to be over. Lets get to the real holidays! As you may be able to tell, I don’t celebrate Halloween. But when someone wishes me a happy Halloween, I smile and say, “you too.” Take note America: I do not freak out on the person! I don’t stick my nose in the air and snort, “How dare you!!! I don’t celebrate Halloween!”

So when Christmas comes and someone just being nice wishes you a Merry Christmas, smile and say, “you too.” Ok practice with me. I need to see a smile. Ok. Now say (together everyone! Yes even you in your gray sweatshirt), “you too.” Was that so hard? Nice work ladies and gentlemen. No need for the work places to force their employees to say Happy Holidays.

And end my Halloween rant. God bless. Be safe today however you choose to celebrate this day.

xo xo


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