How to Help a New Mom

I came across this article on Pinterest. A friend of mine recently had a baby, so I gladly read the article. Some of these are really great. Here are a few of my favorites. Check out her site for the full article.

Source: Nice Girl Notes

1) Be a helpline. If you want to help out a brand new mom and you’re a seasoned mom veteran, offer to let her call you at all hours of the night.

2) Round up some healthy meals. New moms are generally exhausted. Give them some healthy meals that will give her energy for those marathon feedings!

3) Kidnap her kiddies. Uh. Not the new one. The other one(s), if she’s got them. And get them out of the dang house. The mom will be very grateful.

4) Run a couple of errands. Return those baby gifts to the store, bring back the library books, drop off the Redbox rental, fill up her gas tank. Teeny things that may seem overwhelming to a new mom.

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