Creating a Stock Pile of Breast Milk

I officially went through my stock pile of milk. It was back up for Sweet Baby when I needed to leave. The other day when I opened my freezer and realized it was all gone. I was annoyed. I truly hate pumping. It’s just one more task for my to fit into my day. I learned a few things about created a stock pile. I figure I’d share! I’m starting all over. And now that Sweet Baby is 10 1/2 months, my supply isn’t what it used to be. But you create the most milk between 2am – 9am. So the most beneficial time is right after his first morning feeding. So after Sweet Baby nurses at 7am I pump for 10 minutes. Depending on how much water I drank the day before I get just enough. Since he’s eating more solids and take less from me I just need enough. My second tip is how to freeze them. I’ve made space in my tiny apartment freezer to lay the milk flat to freeze. That way it freezes nice and flat & it’s amazing how much room that saves! Not to mention it thaws so much quicker! Then once frozen I stuff in the way back so that the milk lasts longer. Good luck as you create your stock pile. And once you have a weeks worth, reward yourself with: a date night, girls night or some much needed ‘me’ time.

xo xo


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