Birthing Stories


My husbands grandma mother is in town, which explains my absence. She is visiting Sweet Baby for the first time and loves him. Her time here is coming to an end and I love having her here. And so does Sweet Baby. While she’s here she told me about her birthing experience, what she remembers of it.
When I watched The Business of Being Born they talked about twilight births. And that’s what she had. Her husband was serving in the army and she was “knocked out” and she says she woke up to find her daughter in a crib at the foot of her bed. There was no support like there is today. She said the scariest part was when her daughter had her first bowel movement she thought she was dying. No one told her about the first poop and she was so scared. She also never nursed. They told her not to nurse and they sent her home the next day.

As she watched me nurse Sweet Baby I couldn’t help but feel sad. She never got to experience this amazing bond. A bond with Sweet Baby no one else has with him. I was also saddened that she didn’t get experience birthing. She was robbed of that right as women of birthing your baby. As I sit here watching Sweet Baby sleep, I feel grateful. Even though my birth didn’t go how I wanted, I am thankful I was ‘alive’ and able to experience it.



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