Update on Sweet Baby

Last Wednesday was Sweet Baby’s evaluation with the early intervention program I mentioned. It went well, considering we had a grumpy baby from him not napping. We sat in a room full of toys as one lady played with him. Seeing what he would do and wouldn’t do. As four other experts sat behind a glass mirror and watched. At the end of the 45 minutes they said he had some developmental delays. In areas of movement and gross/fine motor skills. They said he has a slight delay in communicate but they are not too worried. Our biggest concern is his motor skills. I spoke with them today as I picked out his physical & occupational therapist and am waiting to hear from them. I’m looking forward to getting this started. I want him to start exploring his world through movement (even though I am enjoying him being stationary). On Wednesday he has an eye exam. Praying that goes well and that we can get some answers on if he is seeing double.



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