Baking Tip

There is a tv show about everything. And its rather annoying the stupid things people will watch. The one thing I learned from watching Cupcake Wars (which I thought was a joke at first. I pictured people hurling cupcakes at each other dressed in camo.) has helped me in the kitchen. Whenever I’d make cupcakes or muffins, I’d get the batter every where. Not all the tins where filled with the same amount. But one night as  I came across Cupcake Wars (and was very disappointed to not see flying cupcakes) I saw they would use a ice cream scooper or cookie batter spoon and use that to fill the cupcake tin!

It hit me-why haven’t I thought of that sooner. Since then I have made muffins and it worked perfectly! So from cupcake wars to my kitchen and then to yours!


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