Essential Nursing Pads!


I don’t know what I was expecting nursing to be like when I got pregnant. But it was not what I imagined. I assumed it’d be painful but little did I know. I was so sore that first month as we were both figuring out how to nurse. I had a friend tell me about bamboobies, “Those heart shaped pads.” When I went to purchase some nursing pads, I didn’t see any at Babies R Us so I just purchased some cotton ones. They worked fine but after a few washes they were rough against my nipples. So back to Babies R Us and I purchased some organic cotton nursing pads. They were better, but I kept leaking through them.

Then I received an email from Becoming Mothers advertising Bamboobies. I remembered what my friend had said so went to Becoming Mothers with my coupon. I was excited to find they had overnight pads. My son has not nursed in the middle of the night since he was 9 weeks old. My body still has not regulated (he’s 14 weeks now). I wake up every morning with soaked jammies and bed sheets. This morning was the first time I woke up dry since-my water broke 14 weeks ago! And they are insanely soft on top of that. A lazy boy for my nipples!

I purchased a variety pack, it came with 3 pairs of daytime nursing pads & a pair of overnight pads. I used the daytime pads today-what a difference. I didn’t leak though once! I usually do during let down-very annoying when in public. The regular Bamboobies are made up of 3 layers-
Layer 1: Bamboo rayon, organic cotton & polyester.
Layer 2: hemp & organic cotton
Layer 3: polyester with polyurethane waterproofing.

Overnight Bamboobies:
Outer layers: bamboo rayon
Inner layers: organic cotton

I love the overnight pads, because before I purchased them, Mr. and I would wake up swimming (ok not really-but close) in my milk. I would have to wash my sheets every other day if not every day. Another must have while nursing!

What I also love about these Bamboobies they are so thin & the heart shaped design makes them undetected! Not to mention the cute design. Doesn’t it make you feel somewhat sexy, amidst the ugly beige nursing bras & the leaking breasts? I also love that they are a small mom-owned business, created by a mother of 3 in Boulder, Colorado!

These super soft, ultra thin, milk-proof pads are amazing. I wish I wouldn’t have waited this long to purchase them. I plan on telling all my mommy-to-be friends, these are a nursing mothers necessity!! Check out the site for store locators or to purchase online! I LOVE MY BAMBOOBIES!!!



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