8 Alternatives Uses for Breast Milk

I came across an article about 8 alternative uses for breast milk. As a nursing mother myself, I have used it for clogged tear ducts with my son and I rub it into his face, when he scratches himself. Breast milk is an amazing thing so I was curious what other amazing things it did, besides nourishing my growing boy! Below is the list, number 8 being a little hard on a moving target, or so I’m told.

1. soothing lotion for rashes, nettle stings or baby acne
2. drops for unstuffing little noses
3. face wash
4. eye drops for styes and pink eye
5. natural antibiotic ointment for cuts and scrapes
6. moisturizing balm for chapped lips and cracked nipples
7. hair styling lotion
8. (My personal favorite) “impromptu squirt gun.”


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